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A brand for designer invites

Voguish wedding invitations is a Delhi based Company. VWI specializes in couture confectionery and designer wedding invitations, started by Rupesh Khera and Samaira Khera (Directors and Founders of VWI) VWI exists to create graceful, unique and romantic wedding invitations that forms a lasting impression of your wedding among friends and relatives.

your thoughts are our inspiration

VWI Craftsman have been creating such memorable invitations for patrons all over the world. Each invitation box, folio, favor box is handmade and designed to your very own specifications, reflecting your personality and lifestyle. Royal Silk Brocade, feather , lace and sparkling crystals-there are no limits to find embellishments.

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Arabic Baklava By VWI New Delhi Wedding Sweets Wedding card designer invitation card by VWI New Delhi

assorted sweets

We offer a feast of Mithais, fudge’s, Arabic sweets in form of Baklava, Kanafeh, Dates ,delicious chocolates, all forms of Dry fruits coated in different flavors and a variety of other sweets as well . Our Goal is to create products that reflects our customers individuality and develop long lasting relations with them.

No limits for creativity

Our collection of Indian Wedding Cards not only complements one’s lifestyle, but we make sure that it is always in perfect sync with your vision of a traditional designer wedding invitation card.

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delivery before our committed period

Realizing this purpose takes much more than simply getting a card printed. It involves personifying the key event of your life with such elegance, that it becomes a touching memory.

Visit our studio for a whole new experience in luxury wedding cards and invitations. We are located at Naraina, New Delhi.

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