With the help of Wedding invitations the intended couple is able to share their emotions with their friends and relatives about their attachment towards each other. No doubt it is going to be one of their best memories of their lifetime. To express this excitement about one’s relationship with their partner a simple wedding card would just not be able to do. For this a Complete wedding invitation is required which not only list all details about the wedding ceremony but also shows the glimpse about how grand the ceremony would be. Each and every word should be carefully chosen in order to articulate feelings and emotions. Also certain accessories such as RSVP cards must follow the same design theme of a card. After the completion of whole wedding ceremony a Thank You Card must be sent to all relatives and guest, adding these types of thank you cards will definitely enhance your wedding glory. These days with internet at our fingertips getting the inspiration and design theme for wedding cards is become really simple and effective.

Keeping this in mind VWI have organised our complete designer wedding cards and invitation portfolio on our website and various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. where you’ll love browsing though the designs. each of our design is followed by a brief description where our designer have tried to reason behind the invitation theme and why they chose certain designs and colors over other. We also did this so that you save time in selecting your designer wedding card and utilize that precious time getting the other zillion thing done in your marriage preparations. Almost all of our cards are unique in design and concept.



Each design is a result of enormous amount of hard work done by our whole team. the attention to detail in every aspect of making card is unbelievable. We regularly update our portfolio from time to time and upload new designs on our website so be in touch with us on social media to get the latest updates. All our creations adhere to printing standards and techniques.The overall finish of the wedding card is undergone to special 10 point inspection as we very well understand that this invitation is going to portray your notion of your whole wedding ceremony.


It would be best if you visit our studio which is located in Naraina, New Delhi to get the complete understanding of today’s customized designer wedding cards and invitations. Although we’re sure that you’ll fall in love with our creations and but if you want something to your personal taste and preferences our creative team will be more than happy to make your wedding invite accordingly.


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