Choosing the theme for the wedding invitation card, getting ready the wording for the matter of the wedding invite, printing of the card, folding the envelopes & pasting the address labels of the card. That’s It! A Perfect wedding invitation is ready to be sent out. Well, it sounds easy but it isn’t, ask anyone who got involved in getting their dream card made and they will definitely agree with us on this.

Firstly this whole process involves a lot many other steps in choosing and printing “The perfect indian wedding card” which are equally important and can affect the overall card if not paid attention carefully. As we all know very well in India all of us are quite excited about the wedding ceremony of our friends or family. There is a grand ceremony involving a huge guest list and all our friends, their family, distant relatives their families, all of us are invited. Did you know It is Only in India where the bare minimum order for any wedding invitations is 100, No vendor for wedding cards will take an order if it were less than hundred pieces.

This is an story of a family whom we helped getting their perfect dream wedding invitation.

The whole wedding invitation selection process began when they visited us in July 2014. After numerous number of trips to busy streets in Old Delhi’s Chawri Bazaar, browsing uncountable hours on the internet for the perfect design of their wedding card, asking their grinds and known relatives about the whole intimidating printing techniques for designer wedding invitation card, They were nearly exhausted and nearly gave up on the perfect wedding card. The only doubt regarding their wedding card which they had from the beginning in their minds was that they didn’t want their wedding card to be like a just another a wedding card. We were really proud of ourselves that we were able to help’em out in selecting their exclusive designer wedding card.

Till date they don’t fail to mention us in any conversation regarding the wedding invites. Our first suggestion to them was to take one step at a time we suggested them to start by finalizing the guest list, this not only made them completed an important aspect of wedding planning also kept their mind off the wedding invitation selection for a some time.

Next came the big question! “The Budget for the wedding invitations”. Believe us or not this question should be considered the most important and must be dealt as soon as possible, as this would be affecting rest of the decisions. luckily for them this was not the problem. After that we started showcasing our collection of the wedding invitation and boxes to them. after considering a dozen options they finally landed on the one. No doubt they had their time but the time and effort they put into really paid off well. The invite they chose was a bright off white color   with the golden highlights. The font were beautifully embossed, and a modern outline of Ik onkar was designed on the front cover. With card being decided then came the turn for the sweets selection and the wedding card box for the whole invite.

Again for the box they chose a matching box outlined with the gold border and covered with the soft suede lining. For the sweets that accompany the wedding card they opted for the assorted modern sweets such as Arabic Baklava, Coated dry fruits. our premium chocolates, and some assorted dates.

As the quantity of the order was a little larger than the usual order it took us about 16 days to complete it and made it ready to dispatch. Once the order got ready another couple of days took us complete the final inspection of cards and wedding boxes as well as pasting the address labels.

Finally the day arrived, our clients arrived at our studio and revived their order, till date I remember the joy and light in their eyes when they saw the pile of  beautiful wedding boxes just ready to go. They were extremely happy and satisfied. They thanked our whole design team and then we had am little talk about the details regarding the order and for any future requirement.

SO to wrap this up, the one thing which is clear enough Getting yourself a perfect wedding invitation is not that easy as it sounds. But don’t worry as we are here to help you in getting your wedding card, just browse through our catalogue on our website and next time you are in search of a wedding card for yourself or someone you care about do remember us. We are located in Naraina, New Delhi-110028.

For more details on any of our products so leave us an email on [email protected] or even better if you could stop by someday at our studio.

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