A wedding is not small event from any point of view. Many of us prefer privacy in most of our life events but this is one event is incomplete without the presence of our beloved friends and relatives. The Bride & the groom are the celebrities of this day. To make an event like wedding into a memorable & happy event a lot of preparations have to be done and Indian weddings involve even a lot more preparations.

This whole process starts with deciding on a wedding card design. Although it seems easy but unfortunately it isn’t. Ask anyone who has gone through this whole process of deciding for their wedding invitations and we guarantee that you will agree with us. Keeping this in mind VWI aims to make this whole tedious & confuting process to transform into a cakewalk for anyone who is on the lookout for their wedding cards & wedding sweets.

Keep these tips in mind while getting your wedding Invitation designed and we guarantee that no bases would be left uncovered.

The most important  of them all is to have a plan. Nothing in this world could be completed without a plan and wedding cards selections is a no exception. During your whole life you would have encountered a lot of wedding cards and designs be it of your best friends wedding, your neighbor’s or even the celebrities you adore. Recalling that design or theme from your memory and further working upon that could be an excellent first step to start with. Both families could sit together and discuss their ideas which could result into a unique option to act upon and proceed with a mutually agreed design.

VWI is the platform for anyone who is looking in the direction of creating personalized wedding cards. We provide you with a huge portfolio which can help you picking a beautiful yet elegant design for your wedding cards. You can always pick from one of our existing design and we would be more than happy to further personalize it for you.

Not just that, VWI would not hesitate to present you with a complete new design of a card that’s entirely based on your wedding theme. Just visit our studio and our creative team will be more than happy to come up with a design you will be proud to show off!. Once you’ve finalized on a design, the details such as printing paper, ink, color scheme, thickness of the sheet etc. can be discussed.

Our prices are also very affordable. And we can always try to fit well within your budget. Also you can get yourself a nice wedding website which will match your invitation card design.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us. Have a cup of nice coffee & let us do all the heavy lifting for you so you can just concentrate on your other wedding preparations while we come up with the perfect design for you!

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