Designer Wedding Cards

All our exclusive, ethnic & traditional collection of Designer Wedding Cards are made of ultra superior quality papers such as Handmade Paper, Metallic Paper; Tissue Paper etc. also all these types of paper are available in a vast range of ornate and heart rendering concepts and patterns. These aesthetically crafted designer wedding cards represent joyous, colorful & vibrant mood of the wedding event.

Jeweled Wedding Cards

VWI offers a huge collection of Jeweled Wedding Cards from which you can easily select from our exotic, fascinating and classic collection of jeweled wedding invitations, diamond studded wedding cards and Kundan Meena wedding cards with a variety of eye-catching designs and beautiful color combinations. The diamonds alone add to the elegance in our design which adds subtlety and minimalist look to each & every design of ours also it gives it a rich look and making the card more exclusive.

Interfaith Wedding Cards

Today in the 21st century Multi faith Weddings are more common than ever before, due to the modern world in which we live in has become just like a global village. Different communities and religions are coming together accepting each other’s cultures, traditions and values, on this note we welcome you to have a look at our vast collection of Interfaith Wedding Cards and design concepts for people of all religions, all over the world with a variety of eye catching traditional as well as trendy designs.

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